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Objectives of OAAN

The for which the Association is established:

  • To register suitable Corporate Bodies and maintain a register of such registered Member-Companies which shall be updates and published periodically.
  • To develop and maintain standard for Out-Of-Home Advertising Association Of Nigeria
  • To regulate and control the practice of Outdoor Advertising in conformity with statutory and Industry guidelines.
  • To develop a vigilant, informed and active Membership which is conscious of its rights, interests and obligations and alive to its professional responsibilities and to maintain an effective safeguard against abuse.
  • To promote and advance the use of Outdoor Advertising medium.
  • To protect the interest of the Outdoor Advertising against any discriminatory or repressive Legislation and wanton destruction.

  • To provide a forum for dispute settlement / resolution between members or between members and other parties.
  • To co-operate with other bodies and Associations in furtherance of mutual interests.
  • To propose, promote and support any Legislation or subsidiary Legislation deemed to be in the interest of the Outdoor Advertising Industry and Members of the Association.
  • To encourage fair competition and creativity in design / construction with a view to bringing out the best concepts and ideas in Outdoor Displays
  • To promote and sustain the recognition of the Association as the only competent body to determine the competence of Outdoor Advertising Companies in Nigeria.