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Our Goal

In addition to constantly looking for new ways, new forms and new structures to the outdoor medium to ascertain freshness, relevance and creative visibility, we are working assiduously towards impeccable professionalism. We aim to weed out non professionals or charlatans. Train and re-train our members in educative seminars, workshops and refresher courses.


Promptly respond to clients’ requests. These will be complemented with better arrangement of sites, lighting of boards, regular monitoring, effective maintenance proper and more efficient spacing to avoid clustering, plus regular research and due attention paid to the environment. It is pertinent to mention that our quest for new ideas have to a large extent been greeted with success in revolutionary hoardings-4-sheet, Timad, Rooftop, Directional Streets, Airport Advertising, Spectacular, with the industry having today latest technique in outdoor Advertising which is LED/Digital billboard with very facility and appealing forms.