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Full Members (After 12 Months)

  • Photocopy of APCON Certificates of the Chief Executive.
  • Photocopy of Companies form C02 and C07
  • Photocopy of Certificates of incorporation
  • A written application on the letter-head of the company
  • List of Directors and their passport-sized photograph
  • Curriculum vitae of the CEO of the company.

Note: All items listed should be sighted before the application form is released to any prospective applicant.

The CEO should have a minimum of rpa and possess at least five years of cognate experience in the Outdoor Advertising related field. A confirmed payment of non-refundable application fee of N 250,000.00 in cash

A confirmed payment of non-refundable screening fee of N250, 000.00 in bank draft or through electronic transfer on submission of the completed form.

An admission fee of N1, 000,000.00 which will cover annual subscription and development levy.

Application forms not submitted within 6 months of purchase shall become invalid.

On induction, the applicant shall be granted a provisional membership status for a minimum period of 12 months. Failure to adhere to these requirements would amount to a withdrawal of membership.

Application forms must be returned with letter from two (2) referees as used in the form. They must be OAAN financial members.